Concrete Tile

Concrete roof tiles have been around for centuries, so there is no doubt they will stand the test of time while creating amazingly diverse looks. Roof tiles allow unlimited opportunities for design. Revel in the freedom of choosing between different profiles from big barrel tiles to smooth, flat surfaces to surfaces that have a bit more dimension, texture and character to them.

Made from a natural mixture of cement, sand, water and oxide, concrete roof tiles provide countless design possibilities as they are available in a variety of sizes, profiles and colors, making it easier for consumers to select the perfect tile to match any architectural style.

When installed correctly, concrete roof tiles can withstand the harshest of weather conditions. In fact, most concrete roof tiles are noncombustible, severe weather tested and freeze-thaw tested.

Due to the installation method and the inherent properties of concrete, concrete tile roofs can help reduce energy costs by allowing air to circulate under and through the tile, reducing the heat transfer into the attic. If any tiles happen to chip or break, a replacement tile can be easily slid into its place. Due to how they are installed, individually instead of in sheets or overlapped, along with the inherent thermal insulating properties of the raw materials, concrete tile roofs reduce energy costs by allowing air to circulate under and through the tile, reducing the heat transfer into the attic. In an effort to further enhance energy efficiency; concrete roof tiles are also available in highly reflective colors that meet various cool roof requirements for LEED, Energy Star and more.

Disadvantages: Like natural slate roofing, concrete tiles are heavy, which means if you need a new roof, you may need to have your building structurally inspected prior to installation. However, concrete tiles can be lighter in weight and less costly to install than natural slate tiles. In addition, under certain environmental circumstances, concrete roof tiles can become algae prone. Although this does not affect the tiles durability or energy efficiency qualities in any way, aesthetically, a homeowner may need to hire a professional to pressure wash the roof tiles periodically.

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