Metal Roofing

Recently a new roofing trend has been sweeping the exterior design world: metal. While metal has been used for interior or exterior accents in the past, now metal is being used more and more for roofs on both residential and commercial structures.

Metal, while beautiful in its own right, has a bit more limitations. The industry itself has come a long way in offering various textures and finishes to offset the traditional industrial, flat appearance that it is well known for. Metal roofs can now mimic other roofing materials such as wood shake, asphalt shingles and slate; however the metallic look often compromises the authenticity of these renditions and the overall design. In addition, the color offering selection of most metal roofing manufacturers is often times not as diverse as what you would find in clay, slate and concrete roof tile, thus not allowing homeowners or designers much leeway when it comes to exterior design.

Standing seam metal roofs are a completely different animal. Not only is the type of material different but the size and shape of the material and its installation method are different, too. Many homeowners find that the higher initial cost of this type of roofing will pay off in the end because of its greater durability and reliability. Continuous panels run from the ridge of the roof all the way down to the eaves. Between the panels are seams connected by fasteners which are raised above the level of the metal roofing. The seam is raised or standing, as opposed to flush-mounted. These seam fasteners might be anywhere from 0.5" to 1.5" high. Because these fasteners are concealed, you only see a smooth continuous ridge extending from top to bottom.

Disadvantages: Metal roofs, on the other hand, are known to last about 30-45 years. Since metal doesnt burn and is noncombustible, theyre given a Class A fire rating (the most resistant). However, metal roofs are affected by environmental conditions and, depending on the geographical location, the surface of a metal roof can begin to deteriorate and rust with minimal exposure to moisture, salt, etc. Some painted metal roof finishes can peel, chip, fade, scratch, or chalk. Metal roofs can also be a nuisance in inclement weather During hail storms of 2 hail in particular. During a hail storm, a metal roof will become boisterous, dented and scratched, leaving it unattractive and the damage caused will be uncovered by most property insurance. In areas with high temperatures, keep in mind that metal is prone to expand and contract, which can lead to oil canning which will cause a wavy effect in the metal.

Metal Roofs are Technologically Innovative

We put our materials and designs to the test every day. From the exacting standards with which we test our raw materials, to the intricate inspection performed before our roofing systems ship, strives to make sure the roof on your home lasts a lifetime.

We have a proven history of staying on the leading edge of residential metal roofing. Our intricately detailed products are well respected as leading the industry in terms of beauty. Our focus on aluminum allows homeowners to choose a metal roof which never has a risk of rusting.

Metal Roofs are Durable

Metal Roofing Systems have passed wind and uplift tests including UL 580: a rigorously demanding test of roofing materials that simulates wind speeds over 120 miles per hour.

Our metal roofing systems also lead the way in fire protection for your home. Many wildfires spread from home to home, consuming both possessions and life. Oftentimes, these fires start on the rooftops caused by wind-blown sparks and embers.

With a Metal Roofing System, you can rest easy knowing that your home and family are protected from deadly and destructive flames by non-combustible roofing materials.

Metal Roofs are Beautiful

Metal Roofing Systems carry valuable and meaningful warranties against fading, chipping, chalking, and rusting. A metal roof comes in lasting colors and themes that will fit a myriad of tastes and styles.

The long life and extra protection of a metal roof not only protects but enhances the beauty and value of your home.

Metal Roofs Last a Lifetime

Metal Roofing Systems are made from aluminum so they can not rust and are not broken down by the elements. is so convinced of the superiority of our metal roofing systems, we back up our products with a lifetime limited warranty for the original owner and a 40-year transferable warranty for all future owners.