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Synthetic Roof


Synthetic Roofing is a new technology designed to bring the beauty of a slate roof to your home at a lower cost, lower weight, and lower environmental impact. 


Synthetic tiles have been crafted to resemble the exact appearance of natural slate and shakes. They come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and budgets, ensuring each homeowner will find the perfect option for their roof. 


Why Synthetic Roof


A synthetic roof offers you the aesthetics of a traditional slate roof at a significantly lower cost. Each of our manufacturers has worked to carefully mold their synthetic tiles after their traditional counterparts, ensuring that your roof will look as beautiful as you imagined. 


Beyond the appearance, a synthetic roof is significantly more lightweight than its traditional counterpart. Because of this, synthetic roofs are much easier and cheaper to install. Another benefit of the lightweight design is that a synthetic slate roof does not need the additional structural support a traditional slate roof requires, which again saves each homeowner money. 


Synthetic tiles are also eco-friendly. Not only are synthetic tiles made from recycled materials, but most synthetic tiles can also be recycled in the future, making them an environmentally conscious roofing option. 


Finally, synthetic tiles are a durable choice for your roof. Our manufacturers supply us with synthetic tiles that are fire resistant, wind resistant, and even offer your home class 4 protection in the event of hail. 


A large white home with a synthetic slate roof.
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Synthetic wood shakes and shingles

Roofing technology brings us the synthetic roof shakes and shingles that is realistic looking and highly durable but is made of materials other than real wood. Synthetic roof shakes and shingles are a small but growing niche. The use of cutting-edge materials is buying a hold on a growing market share of homeowners. The advantages are many, from style and function, a long lifespan, low maintenance and more. As homeowners grow more acquainted with the materials used and the technologies incorporated, they will see the advantages a synthetic roof shake brings.


Synthetic roof shakes and shingles are made of many different materials. They are all polymer-based, though only some incorporate in the manufacturing process recycled content. The recycled content that is found in a synthetic roof shakes and shingles come from many different sources. These advanced materials and renewable resources require sophisticated manufacturing technologies, and can be costly. Different manufacturers use different materials for the synthetic roof shakes and shingles they produce, but all manage to capture the texture and colors of natural materials, while delivering a highly durable shake, which is weather resistant and enjoys a long lifespan.




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