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10 Reasons Custom Builders Need To Hire Experienced Roofers

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

For custom homebuilders, hiring inexperienced roofers can mean hidden expenses, delays, and putting your project behind schedule.

Installing a roof requires expertise, so hiring a company with a track record of excellence is a surefire way of ensuring your roof installation stays on time and within budget.

To better help you understand just how important it is to choose an established roofer, here are 10 reasons why a trusted roofing company will make your life easier.

1. Minimal Unexpected Costs

When working with less experienced roofers, they often lack the experience necessary to understand the scope of the project.

Because they have simply not installed the same amount of roofs as a more established company, they are still learning what goes into a project’s preparation.

This poor preparation can mean a variety of unexpected costs, such as labor costs or materials.

Experienced roofers, will accurately assess the project's cost from the beginning.

2. Accurate Lead Time

Similar to the first point, an inexperienced roofing company will have difficulty accurately accessing the lead time on your project.

With a roofing company that’s been installing roofs for years, they will have the hard-earned knowledge of how long your roof will take, allowing you to prepare and budget for the other elements of the home. Excellent Communication

3. Excellent Communication

Established roofing companies will always communicate with you the progress of your job in a timely manner.

Because of their experience, they know all the common questions custom builders have for their roofing contractors.

Typically, established roofing companies have staff whose only job is to communicate and update their clients on the progress of the roof!

With an experienced roofer, you will never be in the dark regarding the status of your roof installation.

4. High-Quality Work

When you hire a skilled roofing company, you can be assured that the workmanship will be to a higher standard.

While you might get lucky and hire a competent new roofing company, you can always trust that an experienced roofer does high-quality work.

If they had done a bad job, that roofing company wouldn’t have survived the test of time!

5. Multitude Of References/Large Portfolio

With inexperienced roofers, a custom builder has to take their word regarding the quality of the roof they will build.

With a pro roofing company, you can hear from past clients themselves about the experience of working with them.

An established roofing company will not only have a large pool of references to check but also an extensive portfolio to reference! Expertise In Luxury Roofing

6. Expertise In Luxury Roofing

Working with luxurious roofing materials such as Clay Tiles, Concrete Tiles, Slate Tiles, Metal, or even Copper roofing requires someone trained in luxury roof installation.

Because of the increased cost of these materials, hiring an experienced roofer is crucial to ensuring a luxury roofing job is handled by a knowledgeable professional.

With less experienced roofers come errors, which are far more expensive with luxury roofing materials. This brings us to our next point…

7. Long-Term Relationships With Top Suppliers

Because of the short time they have operated, an inexperienced roofing company has not yet built long-term relationships with suppliers.

In contrast, the experienced roofing company will have deep, long-lasting relationships with top roofing material suppliers.

This means experienced roofers have access to higher-quality materials and often get quoted at better prices.

In the context of a luxury roofing job, these relationships are even more crucial in sourcing premium roofing materials.

8. Higher Standard Of Professionalism

When it comes to professionalism in roofing, an experienced contractor knows how important all the little things are.

A higher standard of professionalism means that an established roofing company will never leave a job site dirty, ensuring the neighbors stay happy.

This professionalism means constant, efficient, and cordial communication of the project.

Finally, this looks like taking pride in their company and never doing work that is not representative of the reputation they have worked hard to establish.

With less experienced roofing contractors, these little things are not a given.

9. Highly Licensed/Accredited/Award-Winning

With a top-level roofing company, a builder doesn’t only need to listen to past references.

An established roofing company will always have a variety of licenses, accreditations, and sometimes even roofing awards.

These vary in type, such as memberships to Roofing Associations, accreditations from the BBB, and awards given to excellence in roofing.

All these things tell a custom builder one thing: I can trust this roofing company!

10. All Employees Are Licensed & Highly Trained

With less experienced roofing contractors come less skilled employees. At its worst, this means that you may be liable in the case of an accident with an unlicensed roofer.

With a professional roofing company, each project represents the company and puts its hard-earned reputation on the line.

Because of this, any established roofing company will train their employees, get them licensed, and do every measure to minimize risk for themselves and their clients.

After reading this, we hope you have a better picture of the importance of hiring experienced roofers.

At Ramon Roofing, we are proud to say we not only meet these standards but far exceed them!

We have over 25+ of experience in the roofing and specialize in luxury residential roofing solutions.

We are highly accredited, hold a multitude of licenses, and have won multiple awards. If you are a custom builder looking for a reliable roofing company, please contact us!


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