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The Ultimate Guide to Copper Roofs

You may have seen copper roofs in other residential projects, but you are still not convinced to install one on your project.

Of course, this type of residential roofing material is somewhat unusual. However, copper roofs are becoming increasingly popular in residential construction thanks to their many advantages.

Ramon Roofing has prepared the following article to uncover all you need to know about copper roofs.

Don’t stop reading if you want to learn if a copper roof is right for you.

What Are Copper Roofs?

Copper roofs are residential and commercial roofing systems made from copper layers.

They can be installed in practically any style of home.

Luxury homes with copper roofs feature copper shingles and panels on turrets or over windows to provide an aesthetic appeal.

Types of Copper Roofs

There are two main types of copper roofs:

  • Copper Panels

Copper panels are made of separate sheets of copper in a standard size.

The roofers install them just like asphalt roof shingles (by hand).

After the installation, all the noticeable seams must be welded to avoid any water filtration.

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  • Copper Shingles

Copper shingles are available in custom sizes and require more installation time than copper panels.

They are the most commonly used type of copper in residential roofing as they are cheaper than copper panels.

Like copper panels, each shingle is usually installed by hand to prevent any possible damage to the copper's soft surface.

In addition, professional roofing contractors should also install copper fasteners to extend the copper roof's lifespan.

3 Benefits of Copper Roofs

1. Low Maintenance Required

As you may know, most residential roofing materials require a maintenance program to achieve their full lifespan.

Most copper roof does not need a maintenance program. Unlike any other residential roofing material, copper will never rust or corrode.

A copper roof will not even need coating protection throughout its lifetime. That's because copper develops a unique characteristic called "green patina," a protective layer that will grow over the surface over time and protects the roof against oxidation.

2. It Can Last You for Centuries

Copper roofs are the longest-lasting material you can install on any residential or commercial roofing project.

They have adorned many historical buildings in the US for centuries.

In addition, a copper roof will never catch on fire because it is fire-resistant. In fact, it will stop the fire from spreading further.

3. Superior Performance Against Extreme Weather

Strong winds, heavy rains, hail, snow, ice, and heat from the sun can cause severe damage to almost all types of residential roofing materials.

However, custom home builders can trust copper roofs to prevent damage from natural elements.

With a copper roof, you will probably never have to worry about your roof's safety.

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