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Unveiling the Tactics: How Roofers in Texas Defraud Homeowners with Insurance Scams

Insurance scams targeting homeowners have become a massive issue in the Texas roofing industry.

To protect homeowners and equip them with knowledge, it is crucial to shed light on the common tactics used by fraudulent roofers in Texas.

By understanding these scams, homeowners can make informed decisions when hiring roofing contractors and safeguard their financial interests.

In this comprehensive blog, we will delve into the various insurance scams prevalent in the industry and provide valuable insights to help homeowners navigate the landscape safely.

A Total Lack of Regulation

Did you know that in Texas, there is no licensing requirement to be a roofer?

Because of this, our state makes it incredibly hard for homeowners to verify the credibility of roofers and often causes homeowners to sign bad contracts.

Due to the lack of regulation, Texas attracts out-of-state roofers looking to make a quick buck and leave town.

This is ESPECIALLY true in the case of storm damage and will be a major topic of this blog!

This brings us to our next topic:

Storm Damage & Insurance Fraud: a Match Made in Heaven

As we briefly mentioned earlier, the combination of extreme weather & zero regulation makes Texas a hotspot for out-of-town roofers looking to exploit an already vulnerable population.

Basically, shady roofers flock to a weather-battered area and peddle fast, cheap work, often also promising “insurance waivers”(more on this later).

As you can imagine, these people are desperate to repair their homes, which makes these Texans particularly vulnerable to scams.

One of the most common(and most straightforward) scams shady roofers do is what we will call an Upfront Payment Scam.

Let’s dive in!

Upfront Payment Scam

This scam is the #1 method roofers use to defraud homeowners, and it is devastatingly simple.

In this tactic, contractors demand a huge payment upfront before starting the roof repairs.

Following the payment, the unscrupulous roofer will defraud you in two ways:

  1. Running away without completing any work.

  2. Completing incredibly subpar work, leaving your home vulnerable to further damage.

As you can imagine, this scam leaves Texas homeowners in a vulnerable position with little recourse.

To protect against this scam, homeowners should exercise caution and only make payments in stages or upon completion of agreed-upon milestones.

Highly Inflated(or Made Up!) Damage Claims

This is another common insurance scam involving the fabrication of fake damage claims by dishonest roofers.

Basically, these individuals may stage damage or manipulate evidence to convince homeowners that extensive repairs or replacements are necessary.

As you can imagine, this scam is one of the easiest ways a dishonest roofer can run up a huge bill, all the while leaving the vulnerable homeowner to believe that they are helping them!

This scam also extends to other aspects of roof repair services.

For example, another way fraudsters can overcharge homeowners is by inflating the cost of labor and materials.

To protect yourself against this particular scam, we encourage every homeowner to get multiple quotes from various roofers before proceeding!

Waived Insurance Deductibles

For Texas homeowners, a roofer offering to “cover” your deductible might sound like an attractive deal, but trust us… it is not a good deal, but rather criminal fraud!

This law came into effect on September 19th, 2019, and classifies this action as “ a Class B misdemeanor, sentenced to jail for 180 days, and fined up to $2,000.”

To be clear, this punishment is not for the homeowner but for the fraudulent roofer!

Now, to clarify just how this fraud works, let’s break it down with a(very) simplified example.

An Example of Waived Deductible Fraud

Your home is damaged in a hail storm.

After getting it quoted by the insurance company, they tell you that you now have a $10,000 claim with a $1,000 deductible.

What this means is that an insurance company will pay out a maximum of $9,000, leaving you to pay the deductible of $1,000.

Now, what happens if the roof repairs only truly cost a total of $9,000?

You still pay $1,000 of the bill because that is your deductible.

This is how and where the fraud works.

In this specific example, to “waive” your deductible, the disreputable roofer would falsely quote the total bill at $10,000, using the extra $1,000 to “cover” your deductible.

As you can see, the roofer must defraud the insurance agency for your deductible to be waived, making this a serious crime.

Furthermore, beyond being a participant in fraud, any roofer who “waives” your deductible is incredibly likely to be cutting corners facets of his business.

So, next time you hear the phrase “waive your deductible,” run!

Taking Proactive Measures to Protect Yourself

For Texas homeowners, it is essential to be proactive and well-informed.

Understanding insurance policies and coverage details is crucial to ensure adequate protection.

As members of RCAT, we at Ramon Roofing strongly recommend you check out the Safe Roofs Over Texas Initiative.

They offer stellar resources that provide further intel on protecting yourself against disreputable roofers.

Equally, we recommend every homeowner reads and reasonably comprehends the fine print of insurance policies to avoid falling prey to deceptive tactics.

Finally, research your contractor before hiring them!

Conducting thorough research, reading testimonials, and checking credentials will you make an informed decision and choose contractors who prioritize integrity and customer satisfaction.

Avoid the Hassle. Choose Ramon Roofing!

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